Clash Skytteglasögon Scarlet

Clash Skytteglasögon Scarlet





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Beretta Clash Skytteglasögon Scarlet

Clash eyeglasses are specifically engineered and designed for shooters to provide unparalleled fit factors and optical superiority. The Clash eyeglasses have a superior wraparound and extraordinary optical protection, they conceived to maximized the focus of the athlete on his target. Available in 8 different colors. Color:Light Neutral Designed to low light Perfect for indoor Protection Color.Yellow Designed to low light Raise light values True color enhancement of targets Perfect for fog or deep in the woods Color:Light Magenta Designed to boost target orange Medium yellow light Vibrant color enhancement Color:Coral Designed to kill green back grounds Low light True depth of field Enhance target orange/pink Color:Light Purple Designed to kill green back True depth of background Enhance orange target Color:Scarlet Designed for balanced color enhancement Bright sun - collecting clouds - white sky High resolution - crisp detail Color:Brown Designed to boost target orange Medium yellow light Vibrant color enhancement Color:Light Fumè High or direct light Balance color enhancement

  • Frame matte black.
  • Orange rubber temple tips earmuff compatible.
  • Personalized temple in orange with raised matte logo.
  • Adjustable nose piece compatible with clip on insert.
  • Ergonomic lens shape.
  • Beretta logo printed on the lens.
  • Anti sweat insert.
  • Ventilation laser cut holes on the lens.
  • Pack includes:
  • Rigid case.
  • Microfiber cloth.